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Nature’s Gift Shop carefully selects the safest and most effective cannabis products for our valued customers. In addition to providing superior herbal medicine, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to creating a center of education, support, and compassion in our community.

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Who Is Nature’s Gift Shop

Our mission, which each of our employees and vendors share, is to provide the best quality cannabis products at a fair price. To us, the best quality means products with superior taste, smell, and effectiveness made from plants that are clean, safe, and organically grown.
We believe that businesses have a duty to support and give back to their local communities. That is why we are actively involved in community outreach programs as well as efforts to support and promote other local Pueblo businesses.
We promise to provide the highest quality, safest cannabis products in a welcoming environment and at a fair price. Our friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff will provide any assistance you need in understanding and selecting among our broad range of products.

Our Specialties

Flowers/Buds 90
Edibles 95
Extracts 85
Glassware 75
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Meet Our Team

Dan & Susan Irey
Dan & Susan IreyOwners
Owners Dan and Susan Irey are serial entrepreneurs who have been happily married for 26 years! Their years of success in operating businesses, including general contracting and real estate companies, have allowed them to finally pursue Dan’s life-long dream: legally growing and selling marijuana!
Dan’s dream grew over time, from his days as a curious, long haired, authority-questioning teen growing weed in his closet in the early 70’s to the legitimate businessman who is now creating a thriving recreational marijuana operation we are all growing to love: Nature’s Gift Shop.
The owners’ history is a unique and fascinating one. Susan obtained her BA in psychology and human services in her home state of Vermont. She met Dan, a Colorado native, on a remote beach in Hawaii, and the love has been growing ever since. Over the years, Dan has held general contracting licenses in both Hawaii and California. In 1991, Susan and Dan added a beautiful baby girl to their family. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, they moved back to Colorado and have been proactive residents ever since.
As a legal caregiver since 2008, Dan was inspired to start his own dispensary after seeing firsthand how his medicine helped his friend Sherry, who has cancer. This passion for helping those around him through medicinal cannabis was the driving factor behind the creation of Nature’s Gift Shop. Dan and Susan believe that marijuana should be considered not just as an alternative to prescription drugs, but also as a substitute for alcohol consumption and tobacco use.
They make it clear that the success of their business would have been nearly impossible without help! The support and encouragement of family, friends, and local contractors has been a great blessing for Dan and Susan, who have said, “Without them, NGS would not have become a reality!” So, although this started as a dream of Dan’s, he is grateful for all the people who have helped make his dream come true.
Today, during the rare times they are not working to help bring the dream to all who care to share it, they enjoy hiking around their property in the foothills with their two adorable Australian Shepherds!
Adam Kenyon
Adam KenyonChief Operating Officer
Adam Kenyon is a Colorado native with a degree in Business Administration from CSU. He manages the operations and compliance measures for Nature’s Gift Shop, ensuring that all state and local regulations are met and that all internal company standards are followed to ensure Nature’s Gift Shop’s continued presence as a vital community resource. During the rare times when Adam is not working for Nature’s Gift Shop, you will probably find him working on one of several charity efforts or simply focusing on what he considers the most important things in life: faith, family, & friends.
Ashley Irey
Ashley Irey Financial & Marketing Coordinator
Ashley is young business professional with a passion for entrepreneurship and a head for finance and marketing. A recent college graduate, Ashley received her bachelor’s degree in business and finance from Colorado State University in 2013. Since graduation, she has been furthering her knowledge of real estate by working for a commercial property management firm as she studies to obtain her Colorado real estate license in April. In the past six months, she also started working at an accounting firm in Lakewood, where she is perfecting her organization and people skills. With the addition of Nature’s Gift Shop to her plate, she will certainly keep busy. Ashley hopes to benefit the business in every way by supplying her financial and marketing knowledge to help NGS flourish and succeed. Her extensive research into the medical marijuana market will be an asset to Nature’s Gift Shop. When she is not working, you will find her on the ski slopes, making crafts, or cuddling with her cat.

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